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          Dave Buettner MFT Marriage and Family Therapist
             Providing a safe and helping hand so your dreams can become reality 

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Personal Growth  -  
Developing life skills including, Developing your center, Stress reduction and management,
Communication skills, Anger management, Finding the self, Authentic living, etc.


Men's issues  - 
Developing your potential in work, family and life, Relational counseling,  Integration of
compassion and strength, Developing healthy boundaries,  
Becoming the partner you want to be, Becoming the parent you want to be, Family of origin issues, Finding and developing you own identity



Couples counseling  - 
Money issues, Communication, Power structures, Intimacy, Cultivating community,  
Commitment, Couples in recovery, Identifying strengths and developing needed resources.



Family counseling  -
Parent-child relationships, Redeveloping trust, Repairing strained family relations, etc.



Alcohol, Drugs, Love, Sex, Work, Gambling



Mental Health  -
Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive and Compulsive behavior, PTSD, Trauma, Physical, Sexual,
Spousal and Verbal abuse, ADD, and ADHD.

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                           Dave Buettner MFC#48005